Open Enrollment News

Open Enrollment period for retirees is 12/3 – 12/10.  2024 charts and eGuide will be posted by 12/3.

If you are currently covered by an Aerospace Medicare HMO plan, you must switch to the Aerospace Anthem Medicare Preferred PPO  or register for a new plan with Alight or coverage will be terminated effective 12/31/23. 

Alight Retiree Medical Presentation

Aerospace also notes that our 2024 AERP pension variable unit values will be mailed at the end of December. In the past, the new unit value would have been posted on the webpage before the end of December, but that’s much more uncertain these days.

Your Yearly AERP Pension Update

Annual pension benefit statements are mailed at the end of December.

Unit Payment Values

  2022 2023
Variable Benefit $13.2181 $10.5745
Alternate Variable $1.9506 $1.8887
Portfolio A $2.4627 $2.2543

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