Remembering Joseph J. Jerger

It has been many years since I worked in San Bernardino. I was most fortunate to meet and become friends with Joe Jerger. He was a remarkable, not only for his technical knowledge and skills; but even more as gentleman.

He told me several stories about his background and experiences prior to joining Aerospace Corp. He was a licensed pilot, and he told me about the flight when he received his license.

He had been a concert violinist, second chair, in the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra in the late 1930’s. At that time, it was one of the premier recording orchestras of the world. I had learned as a young boy to appreciate classical music, especially that composed by Niccolò Paganini. It takes a world class violinist to play the music that he had composed. Joe brought a violin into work one day, took it out of the case, placed it under his chin, and started to play one of the Paganini concertos. I shall never forget that memory.

I would appreciate any stories that others may have regarding Joe Jerger. I doubt that he is still alive, but his memories are part of me.

Submitted by Thomas Fancher

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