What to do in the event of a retiree’s death

This is in response to a member’s question on who should be notified upon his death in order for his spouse to obtain beneficiary benefits.

If a retiree, dependent of a retiree, or survivor should die, the family should contact the Aerospace Employee Benefits Department to report the death as soon as possible.  Once reported, a communication letter will be sent to the family detailing the applicable benefits from Employee Benefits.

Employee Benefits will report the death to the applicable companies that would need to know of the death: pension, medial plan, dental plan, life insurance.

The Aerospace Corporation
Employee Benefits
P.O. Box 92957 – M3/433
Los Angeles, CA 90009-2957

Employee Benefits: (310) 336-5107 or (800) 458-3892

Retirees Website: retirees.aerospace.org

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