General Information

The Aerospace Retirees’ Club (ARC) invites all eligible retirees to join the Club and enjoy the various events throughout the year. The object of the Club is to promote the common interests of retirees from The Aerospace Corporation by initiating and implementing educational, scientific, community, and social activities of interests to its membership.

The Aerospace Corporation provides retirees information on The Aerospace Retirees Portal.


ARC publishes two newsletters annually to the entire membership. These publications are sent to all members in the Spring and Fall. News of upcoming social events is announced with sign-up forms for attendance reservations. Representatives from Aerospace Management present information regarding changes to retiree benefits (health insurance, pension, etc.) as well as the general status of the corporations’ business at the annual Holiday Dinner meeting in early December.

The preferred method of communication to Aerospace retirees from the Aerospace Retirees’ Club will be via email, including delivery of the newsletter. We are doing this to improve the value and timeliness of our correspondence, as well as to conserve paper-related resources.  Although the preference is for email distribution, existing requests for hard copy materials will continue to be honored. In addition to email, other modes of communication that will be used are this website and our Facebook page.  (Please see our Disclaimer page)