**Updated** ARC Luncheon, June 4, 2013

Join us for our Spring Luncheon at Ports O’Call!

For our June luncheon, we will be returning to the Ports O’Call Restaurant in San Pedro, which has proven to be a place that offers a great experience every time we’re there. It is very popular with the ARC Board because we find that the set up works, the prices are better than most, the food and service are good, it’s convenient, and the parking is free!
The luncheon will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. We will be upstairs in the Bridgeview Room with its tall windows which offer an expansive view of the harbor‘s main channel and the Vincent Thomas Bridge. An elevator is available.

Like last year, there won’t be speakers; but we will be inviting Aerospace employees from HR and Finance, and Credit Union representatives who will be on hand to share information informally.

As indicated in Dave Evans’ column, the ARC Board has arranged for self guided tours of the USS Iowa. The ship is located just down the street from the Ports O’Call. Even though the Ship is visible from the restaurant, we strongly suggest that members, who take advantage of the tour, drive from the restaurant as there are no good sidewalks between the locations. In addition, the USS Iowa is not ADA accessible and the use of walkers is not permitted. We have also been informed that high heels and open-toed shoes are not allowed on the ship, so appropriate footwear is recommended. Finally, there are no restrooms, but there is access to port-a-potties. However, this should still be a fascinating experience for those who sign up.

We are expecting a bigger response than in the past because of the USS Iowa tour following lunch (click for article), so please make your reservations as soon as possible, because space is limited. The deadline for reservations is May 25, 2013.

The reservation form is available here: June 2013 Luncheon Reservation Form

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